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It is ironic, but as soon as I start writing a book on Yoga Therapy for Back Pain, I’m experiencing significant pain in my own lower back.  It’s been about 9 years since I herniated a disc at L5-S1 and have had only a few bouts of recurring pain in the past few years.  My regular Yoga practice and active lifestyle has helped tremendously.


But now, I find myself sitting in front of the computer several hours a day writing. That, coupled with an especially stressful few weeks, has reopened my eyes to the combination of physical and emotional factors that contribute to back pain.


My son’s teacher has taught him that at bottom there are only 2 emotions we can be aware of: Love and Fear.  The more I think about it, the more I think he is right.


Recently, I’ve had to face a lot of fear as an important court date approaches, one which places my future in the hands of a judge.  The outcome of the hearing may impact my ability to have full freedom to move with my son to Israel this summer. I am faced with the unknown and have had to come to terms with waking up each day feeling fearful and anxious, emotions that have found their way into my support area; my lower back.


I have found that in these times when my lack of control glares in my face, how crucial my meditation and pranayama practice are to my well being.  Taking just a few minutes each day to practice has had a dramatic effect on my daily mood. It moves me from a place of anxiety and fear to a feeling of being supported and trust in the unfolding of life.  It has also helped me practice acceptance of life on its terms and given me the ability to access happiness no matter what conditions life brings.


And it’s free.



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