Navigating Change

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Change is inevitable.  
Intellectually, we know this, but our bodies and our nervous system do not respond well to change.  We perceive it as a stress, even if the change is positive.  We are wired for survival and the moment our safety and security is on shaky ground, the fight or flight response is triggered.
I am feeling it this week as I start to pack up my house for my move to Israel this late summer.  I have been going through old photos, letters, gifts from friends and lovers and piecing together the last 15 years of my time here.  It has brought up tremendous joy and gratitude, but also has uncovered feelings of grief and loss, memories of hopes dreams unfulfilled and the awareness that we can never go back.
Moving is exciting but at the same time disconcerting (especially for a recovering control freak).  And while one door is closing, I am not certain as to what I will find as I reach for the doorknob of the next one.
It is right now that my Yoga and meditation practice is invaluable.  When I wake up with a million thoughts flying around in my head, I can come back to my mat and my breath and find my center at any time.  It is challenging as it is harder to sit still than ever, but I realize it is more important than ever as well.
Yoga helps to “still the fluctuations of the mind” and gives us the tools to navigate the waters of change  and to ride the waves with more grace and ease.  It doesn’t take away the stress of life, but gives us the tools to work with the ups and downs so we don’t find ourselves out at sea without a life raft.
I wanted to share a quote from one of my favorite memoirs of all time,  Safekeepingby Abigail Thomas.


”  Something Overheard
It was a party in what was to become SoHo, lots of drinking, lots of smoke, and somebody said something I didn’t catch, and another man replied, one hand on the back of his own head, the other holding a cigarette, both men wearing togas as I recall, “Oh honey, any sense of security is a false sense of security.”  Everybody laughed, but I didn’t get it.  I just didn’t get it.  What was so funny? What did it mean? 
Now I get it.”
To change and the unforeseen,


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