The Long Trek Home

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 I am now in Philadelphia visiting with family and friends before heading off to Israel on Monday.  It is the beginning of a series of smaller journeys to the ultimate destination.  My first disappointment was having to leave my Yoga blocks and bolster at the airport as my bags were too heavy.  Luckily, one man at the counter said he practices Yoga and will use them, which made me feel a little better.

   I took my son to a Disney movie yesterday (as a respite to the insane heat wave here on the East coast) and in the previews there was a movie about dinosaurs making a long trek to find a new home where they could survive.  It made me think of this journey to Israel which began as an idea last September and subsequently required the overcoming of many hurdles including tons of paperwork, meetings and trips to the courthouse, secretary of state and the USDA in Los Angeles. Not to mention the recent strike of the Israeli consulate in LA, conveniently timed for when I need to get my visas. Now it is getting closer and there are still things to work out before arriving at our destination. 

   It made me think about how it is really never easy to do anything that is worthwhile. Like a Yoga practice, it requires Tapas – work or discipline, over many years to retrain our minds and nervous system towards attaining samadhi – or Bliss Consciousness –where we can experience true union with all around us. Work is an integral part of freedom and one cannot exist without the other.  If we really embody this knowledge, we can begin to see our obstacles and hardships as gifts that will help us grow and evolve.

    While not easy, seeing each step (good or bad) in this way will help us experience more joy and acceptance in every moment.  In truth, it is not about the destination at all, but the journey, with all its highs and lows, that what truly living is all about.

  I often wonder if I could do it all again, would I do anything differently?  If I knew what I know now, I could have prevented much heart ache and suffering.  However, I wouldn’t be who I am now either and I may not have had to work as hard to find my own truth which has brought me to this moment.

  I’d love to hear from you about your adventures, hardships and triumphs, and your journey to the ultimate HOME – your heart.

Please stay in touch!  Next newsletter will be from the Holy Land!



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