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“Blaming the past makes us disapprove of the present.  It’s our past that has brought us our present.  If you want to change your future recognize your present and work on it.”  Prasad Rangnekar   


Hello from Israel! 

I spent last weekend in Jerusalem at an old friend’s house and had some time to walk around the Old City with my kids.  We stopped for brunch at an adorable café where I felt inspired to write “old school style” on a napkin in preparation of this newsletter. I was contemplating the beauty and diversity of Jerusalem, a city that is alive and vibrant, international and multicultural and buzzing with energy and chaos. 

Then I lost the napkin…so here are my thoughts in retrospect.

What struck me most about this city was the sometimes bizarre overlaying of new structures on old, run down buildings and historic sites.  There are hip cafes, hair salons and shops built on stones that were most likely touched by prophets and leaders we have read about in the bible.  There are bars and expensive jewelry shops in the old market of Machane Yehudah right next to the fish man and huge sacks of spices.

In many of the streets, old ruins are present, exposing the fact that layers of past civilizations have been built one on top of the other.  It is odd at times to see the stark contrast and yet somehow it works.

It got me thinking about how we are all essentially the same way.  As individuals, we show all our new and improved parts to the world, but underneath it all are layers and layers of past stones that form the foundation of who we are.  While not always pretty and new, there is richness in all that we are.

The process that we call Yoga is one which invites us to dig deep and uncover the foundation of our beliefs so that we can transform it, not hide from it nor cover it up.  The beauty in this lies in the acceptance of what was and the building upon that foundation so that we transform the future.

This is the process in which Yoga heals.  It is a system which increases our self awareness and gives us the tools to quiet our minds long enough to see what is really going on inside.  Only then can we experience meaningful and lasting change.





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