Self Care Blues

Spread the healing

Do you ever notice that when things in your life calm down or when you go on vacation that you tend to get sick?  It’s ironic because you finally have time to enjoy life and find yourself run down and/or fighting a cold?


This is what I have been dealing with this past week. Nothing serious, just an inconvenient sore throat and low grade fever after settling into my new apt. following a few months of packing & moving from city to city in both the US and Israel.  I have seen this with many clients as well and recognized the phenomena immediately.


When we are on overdrive, our stress response kicks in as we respond to the situation at hand using our sympathetic nervous system.  When the stress subsides, our bodies can finally shift into a more parasympathetic state, where we actually feel the effects of stress through a depleted immune system and whether we like it or not, we are forced to rest in order to recover.  


The body is brilliant. If we listen to its messages and take care of ourselves, we can recover and rebuild.  If we continue to push through, it can have longer term effects on our health.


I urge you, especially with the fall/school year approaching, to take good care of yourself. It is the best way to experience self love.  And when you love yourself, it spills over into the world.



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