Humble Warrior

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Today was my first day of Ulpan (hebrew language lessons).  It is the beginning of a 5 month 4 and a half hour daily class for all new Israeli immigrants.  I am infinitely humbled once again.  And I have a headache.
In my class alone, we have individuals ranging from ages 21 to 80, from countries including France, Russia, Germany, Brazil, Venezuela, UK, South Africa as well as a handful of us from the USA.  We came with diverse professions in our countries of origin including a lawyer, hairdresser, pharmacist, architect, pianist, electrical engineer, chazzan (cantor) and an aspiring tattoo artist.  
But with all this diversity and expertise, we are all starting today from the same place:  How to construct a sentence in Hebrew.  Talk about a level playing field.
I was just thinking about how moving to a new country and learning a new language is a fantastic opportunity to experience how, in essence, we are all the same.  Our egos, our credentials, our bank accounts and social status literally mean nothing as we sit together in this classroom, like children on the first day of school, and learn how to say ” What is your name?” and “How old are you?” to one another in this new language.
We are all new here, we are all nervous and we all our hoping for the best in this new chapter of our lives.  
What have you done in your life that reminded you of how vulnerable you are? Have you ever stepped out of your “comfort zone” and really felt your equality to all those around you?



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