Peace Through Hummus ( & Yoga)

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Spring is here as the last of the much needed rains wash through Israel.  Soon the heat will come, along with the jellyfish in the Mediterranean Sea, crowds at the beach, fresh figs, festivals in the desert and my trip back to the US which is approaching (June 30-Aug. 21).

Some days it is hard to believe I have been here for 8 months already and other days it feels like it has been years.  In this short time, I feel blessed to have found a community of students, patients and friends in Ra’anana, taught 3 anatomy courses for Yoga teachers in Jerusalem and Mikhmoret and am about to graduate my first Yoga for a Happy Back Certification class (of 14 women) in Israel.
The next Yoga for a Happy Back Certification programs will be in Maine (5 day intensive) and in San Diego (10 day intensive) this July (please read on for more details).
I feel so blessed to have had so much opportunity and openness to my work and the work of Yoga Therapy at large.
I recently had the chance to travel to Bethlehem to visit with a fellow Yogini I met in a workshop here.  She runs the only Yoga studio in Bethlehem and up until this year was the only Yoga teacher in the area.
She showed me around Bethlehem, where I ate the best hummus and falafel EVER, shopped in the old city and walked through the Church of Nativity, and we talked about the need for more Palestinian Yoga teachers. Political beliefs aside, it became clear to me after the visit, how violence not only hurts the victims, but also the perpetrators themselves.
I hope to visit more often and help with training more Yoga teachers where they are truly needed.  Where people can live together and appreciate their differences with honor and respect.  Where peace prevails over aggression.  Where everyone can connect with their own Divine spark without fear.
Enjoy the photos below from my day in Bethlehem.
I hope to see you this summer!
Earlybird deadline to save $150 for San Diego training is coming up on April 1, 2014 – so go to to register now for the 10 day Yoga for a Happy Back Certification Intensive July 18-27, 2014.
Peace xo,
Inside the Church of Nativity
Church of Nativity
Old City of Bethlehem Market
The wall
more art on the wall
Jesus’ Birthplace


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