On Living an Unusual Life

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In 2 weeks, I leave Israel for a long trip to the U.S. I will be spending time on both the East and West coast spreading my “Yoga for a Happy Back” Trainings that I have developed intensively over the last year.

It is amazing to me that it has almost been a year since moving across the world to my new home in Herzliya, Israel.

I remember a moment when I was facing the ocean, surfboard in hand, in La Jolla. It was right after I made the decision to move to Israel and a feeling of panic overtook me. What was I doing leaving a perfectly good life to follow nothing but a feeling inside? Was I crazy? What if I was making a huge mistake?

If my Yoga studies have taught me anything, it was to listen to that still, quiet voice in my heart. But once I did, a host of new feelings of fear came crashing in.

I grabbed my board and dove into the ocean, knowing that somehow the big blue would contain my fears. And I was right. When I emerged, after dancing with the waves of the powerful and unreliable sea, I felt more at ease with the impending unknown.

I guess I am living an unusual life. I have a clinic in California, but I live in Israel. I travel back and forth to teach and see friends and family while building a new community in the Middle East. I go to Hebrew class where I read at a first grade level. Tahina and Hummus are as essential to my life now as water and air.

Some days I wonder if I would rather have a more ‘normal’ life. There are days when I wish I was not a divorced single mother, making my way in a new country with no guarantees. I sometimes feel scared, sad,and even lonely.

But then, I teach my Yoga class or a group of Yoga teachers and in an instant, I can feel the life coursing through my veins. I know I am doing what I am meant to, even if it may be a bit unusual by society’s standards. If I can remain present, I can tap into that deeper knowing that I am in the right place for me, right now.

The truth is, it is not about anything on the outside. Begin happy is being peaceful in your heart, no matter what your life situation is at this very moment.

This is what we will be exploring together in my trainings this summer – along with the usual alignment, therapeutics, anatomy & physiology. The key to a “Happy Back” is a peaceful core, free from holding onto a false sense of control or gripping in life.

Are you willing to dive in with me and see if we can heal this world one ache at a time?

I invite you to join me – in Maine July 7-11 and/or San Diego July 18-27, Aug. 3 and Aug. 8-10 for a number of trainings to deepen your understanding of the mind/body connection. (details below…)

Want to do something ‘unusual’? Invest in your career, your life, yourself.

I hope to see you this summer!


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