Facing your Stuff

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I was in a pranayama class with my teacher, Aadil Palkhivala, when he said something simple, yet profound.

” You can’t sweep the past under the rug. You have to deal with your stuff.”

This resonated for me as I just put together a webinar speaking to the effects that our deep core beliefs have on our bodies. Often, we come to yoga and find peace and a sense of “okayness.” This is one of the main gifts of the practice, the ability to connect to the heart of who we are, which is perfection at its core. This does not mean however, that we can ignore the patterns of our minds and our physical bodies that cause pain and suffering. Yes, our core is perfect, but it is often clouded by deeper beliefs that are impossible to change unless we are willing to look at them.

Yoga offers us the ability to calm the busy and tumultuous waves of the mind and can help us build the muscle of AWARENESS, so we can witness these patterns and beliefs without judment. Instead of being reactive to situations, we can become more responsive. We can pause, observe what we are doing, and possibly make another choice.

In no way can this be done overnight, or even in a weekend or week long workshop. This takes years of dedicated practice, discipline and commitment along with the guidance of an experienced teacher who has no agenda but to simply allow you to find out who you really are.

You may need more than just a yoga practice, however, to transform limiting beliefs into new models that will impact your life for the better. This is what initially drew me to study and participate in Hakomi psychotherapy. Yoga helped me slow down, connect to my body and my feelings and develop the ability to observe what I was doing from the outside. But it didn’t quite change the impulses so much as it helped me witness them. I felt I needed more to truly transform my behaviors into healthier ones.

Through the practice and study of Hakomi, I saw how deeply these beliefs ran and how profoundly they affected every thought, feeling, reaction and choice in my life. I also saw how hard it is to change, but that it is possible.

The first step, is recognizing what you are doing and cultivating sensitivity through mindfulness. Only then can you allow these painful experiences and beliefs to come to the surface and face them in a relaxed way. If you are tired of the same story playing out in your life and relationships over and over again, this path may be right for you. I can promise it is not easy, but it is worthwhile.

If you are interested in more about this topic, please watch my lecture: ” From Beliefs to Bodies: How our thoughts affect our physical structure.” Continue practicing yoga and meditation. And find a Hakomi practitioner in your area. Trust me.

Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1FCxhMIqG4


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