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About Yoga for a Happy Back

This series of therapeutic sequences is designed specifically for people with back pain, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, upper back and neck tension, sciatica or other back issues. 

By performing these sequences you’ll gain both flexibility and strength while relieving compression in the spine. This video offers modifications and the use of props for people with limited mobility; it is appropriate for all skill levels and includes:

  • The Purna YogaTM Hip Opening Series
  • Spinal Opening Series
  • Standing Pose Sequence
  • Closing Sequence for Spinal Release
  • Savasana and Guided Relaxation

Rachel Krentzman, PT, E-RYT combines 16 years of physical therapy experience with more than 10 years of Yoga studies. Her treatment methods involve a highly effective approach to healing the whole person. Rachel received her 2000-hour certification from the College of Purna Yoga TM and has studied Yoga therapeutics. She is the founder and director of Embody Physical Therapy and Yoga in San Diego, CA.


“Krentzman’s Yoga for a Happy Back DVD is a wonderful support for students looking for a solid, therapeutic sequence to practice at home. Research has demonstrated such a tool increases ongoing participation in a home asana practice. The DVD is laid out in a logical sequence, using three models of varying ability/mobility in order to clearly demonstrate adaptations and modifications of the asana. The two camera views give the viewer a well lit perspective of alignment, support and body placement. Divided by type of asana, each section can be part of the entire series or stand alone as a shorter practice. It was particularly nice to have a narration with a solid, professional tone and no dreamy, elongated “yoga voice”. Careful detail is given to the use of props and other supports without impeding the series progression. Especially noteworthy is the care taken to walk the student back out of the asana safely where so often the viewer in other DVD’s is left to find their way out. Next time someone you know is complaining of back pain, send them to a qualified yoga instructor and suggest they pick up Yoga for a Happy Back to find their way home to freedom of movement again!”
-Matthew J. Taylor, PT, PhD, ERYT, Past president of the board of directors of the International Association of Yoga Therapists; founder of the Matthew J. Taylor Institute of Scottsdale, AZ. www.DrofYoga.com

“This DVD should be called ‘Yoga for a Happy Body’ because the spine is the root of so many back and other issues. Rachel’s teaching is excellent and she gives instruction on how to aid our bodies using traction. I love that she will give cues during the pose instead of wasting time before each pose. Her variation of child’s pose opens the upper back, I can literally feel my lumbar spine being a little straighter with the side stretch. Also, with her expert instruction, I can literally feel my body getting straighter!

Rachel’s gives variations for people who are new to yoga or who are physically limited due to injury. Having Rachel is like having my own physical therapist, yoga instructor and personal trainer since I live across the country and can’t visit Embody Physical Therapy. I highly recommend the DVD Yoga for a Happy Back.”

Barbara Zaretzky, Sunrise, FL