Happy Back Yoga is a unique Yoga class designed to promote optimal back health and spinal alignment.

Taught by licensed physical therapist and Yoga instructor, Rachel Krentzman, these classes use specific Purna Yoga sequences including the Hip Series, Morning Series and Low Back Series along with intelligent sequencing and alignment–based Yoga Asana. Each class is unique and emphasizes poses that create space in the spine and relieves tension in the upper and lower back and neck.

Happy Back Yoga is safe for beginners and advanced students as well as any one with back pain, disc herniations, disc degeneration, scoliosis and post operative conditions. If you want to relieve tension, feel calmer, more open and taller, this class is for you!

Happy Back Yoga Classes in Israel:  ALL CLASSES HAVE NOW MOVED TO MY NEW STUDIO IN RA’ANANA!  For the full schedule, location and pricing please visit

You can also view Happy Back Yoga classes online here:  Rachel Krentzman’s You Tube Channel

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Rachel Krentzman – +972-58-600-0199  (in U.S.  619-261-6049)
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