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“Alignment is not just about your body, it is about living your life with less effort and more ease.”

I am so excited to  announce that The Happy Back Yoga Professional Training is now being offered ONLINE!  This course is approved by IAYT for Advanced Professional Development for 25 hours for yoga therapists.   

For more info and to enroll:  Click Here

“The Yoga for a Happy Back training has deepened my understanding of back pain and the many reasons we suffer from it; from anatomy through lifestyle, down to the emotional and even biographical causes of our pain. This knowledge was made tangible through the practices themselves, which perfectly exemplified the theory we were given. Taking this course has deepened both my personal practice and my teaching, and the benefits and impacts of what Rachel skillfully and soulfully teaches have created positive change for both me and my students.”  – Michelle Rochwerger  Jerusalem, Israel.  Graduate June 2020.

” Even with my training as a nurse, 30+ years of yoga practice, teacher training, and multiple workshops – I am still learning new things! Rachel has such a wonderful, in depth knowledge of anatomy and a very clear way of sharing that knowledge verbally, through visuals, and then demonstrating how it works with yoga poses…truly a gift.” – JoAnn Webster, St. Louis, Missouri, Online Participant, 2020


Yoga for a Happy Back is more than a way to relieve back pain; it’s a means towards finding your Truth and living it fully.

When you are in pain, you cannot focus on your growth and transformation.  The first step is to find balance in your body so that you can find true fulfillment in every aspect of your life.

Yoga for a Happy Back is a lifestyle.  We are here to help you thrive and there are a number of ways you can participate and bring this work to others through your professional expertise.  With classes, workshops, teacher training, books and videos, including a DVD, you can be a part of this approach whether you are a yoga novice, advanced practitioner, yoga teacher or health care professional.

For professionals:  Check out our workshops, teacher training and the recently released books Yoga for a Happy Back:  A Teacher’s Guide to Spinal Health through Yoga Therapy and Scoliosis, Yoga Therapy & the Art of Letting Go.   For more details visit Teacher Training page or Contact Us

For those struggling with back pain:  Try the Video – Yoga for a Happy Back Click here to View – FREE  , attend classes and workshops.  In addition, our new book “Scoliosis, Yoga Therapy & the Art of Letting Go” (Now available!) will help you learn how to use yoga for improved posture and spinal health.

“I request that you read this book carefully, imbibe its contents, and practice the techniques.  One day you will look back and be glad you did.”  – from the foreword by Aadil Palkhivala, Yoga-Asana Master, Co-founder of Purna Yoga.

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Rachel Krentzman PT, ERYT 500, C-IAYT

With extensive training in Purna Yoga and Iyengar Yoga, and over twenty years experience in the field of physical therapy and rehabilitation, Rachel shares a deeper perspective on the mind-body-spirit connection in the realm of pain management and optimal health and well being.

Rachel is also the owner of Physi-Yoga in Ra’anana, Israel, founder of Embody Physical Therapy & Yoga in San Diego, CA and the Co-Director of Wisdom-Body Yoga Therapy Professional Training in Israel.

To visit their websites: www.physi-yoga.com  www.embodyphysicaltherapy.com  & https://www.wbyogatherapy.com/

To contact Rachel:  rachel@physi-yoga.com